Erstellt mit MAGIX Our Founder - About Vivian Labib Nouer Throughout her life's journey, Vivian Labib has faced many obstacles as a woman who dares to dream in a male- dominated environment. Today, she's a leading innovative social entrepreneur in Egypt.   Vivian Labib graduated from the Fine Arts College, part of Helwan University, in 1997 as a decoration engineer (interior designer) with big plans to build her knowledge and gain work experience in the competitive business world. With a passion for both art and marketing, she started to work as a marketing manager in Egypt for various companies and international clients.   In 2002, Vivian decided to combine both marketing and the arts in a new venture, and began marketing handmade crafts from Egyptian artisans, locally at exhibitions and internationally on the internet, with the slogan, "100% unique, 100% Egyptian, 100% handmade." Vivian became a certified Internet Webmaster and launched her own website.   Vivian managed to expand her business and she looked for new ways to export the unique handmade products. Along the way, Vivian met many poor Egyptian families that were financially dependent on the woman in the house. This inspired her to modify her vision from selling "unique gifts" to selling "unique 100% Egyptian handmade gifts, empowering local communities." With this, she began a new journey as a social entrepreneur and set out to help various communities become productive and improve their livelihood. Among the artisans Vivian supports are refugees, prisoners, orphans, families and other marginalized people - especially women who support their families.   An internationally recognized, award-winning social entrepreneur, Vivian Labib believes, "Social responsibility is not an option; it is an obligation." Last Update: 25 September 2011  |  Copyright 2011 by Charisma Arts  | Founder of Charisma Arts. Vivian Labib